No secrets on Valentine's Day!

Bug has no concept of secrets. Mommy and Bug ventured out in the snow to buy Daddy a new fishing pole for Valentine's day. During dinner that night, Bug informs Daddy that he needs a new fishing pole and that she bought him one. Mommy and Daddy are better at keeping secrets. On Valentine's Day, Mommy & Daddy gave Bug a webkins unicorn(Bug loves unicorns at the moment), some chocolates, a princess & frog tee shirt, and a balloon. Daddy is very good at keeping secrets and sent Mommy some pretty flowers at work. To avoid the crowds, Bug's little family as she calls it, went to eat an early dinner at The Warehouse in Roscoe Village and shopped in the quaint little shops afterward. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile and get some fresh air.

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