A trip to Papaws and to my hometown

Last week we packed up and took the long haul to Michigan. It always surprises me when we pull off the exit, how homesick I get. I see all the familiar things that I grew up to love about the city and the home I grew up in. I also love seeing my Dad who we don't really get to see but every 6 months. Hailey really enjoyed being at Papaws house. He always spoils her with chocolate milk, cookies and ice cream. Plus she gets away with just about anything there! Shes even allowed to eat cookies in HIS chair. Growing up it was a strict rule that we were only allowed to eat at the table. ha ha! How grandchildren change dads into grandpas! Jeremy and I enjoyed the week of sitting by the pool drinking beer, great food and relaxing. My personal favorite was not having to cook!

We also spent one day going downtown on the people mover (above ground rail that goes around Detroit). Hailey loved this and kept saying choo choo allll aboard! as it stopped at each station.

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