Thanksgiving Pie at Papaw Tynas!

It's tradition for Bug to go to Papaw Tyna's house for Thanksgiving. She was so excited to go and talked about it the whole week before. She was most excited about Thanksgiving dinner. This year she had certain requirements of what the dinner was suppossed to be. One of those requirements was pumpkin pie. Right when dinner was all served Bug asked, "Well where's the PIE!?!" Everyone reassured her we would have pie after dinner. When Uncle Pat was the first one finished, he got up from the table and Bug questioned the pie again. She asked, "well aren't you gonna have some pie?". He replied," I don't like pie.". She was astonished and went on again " You don't like pie? Who doesn't like pie!?!". Bug ate up her turkey with ketchup and sweet potato casserole which she really liked. Then she was on again about the pie. Finally, she got her pumpkin pie. It took about 20 minutes for her to eat her dinner and 30 seconds to eat her pie. She sure does love pie!!

Helping Papaw cook the Turkey!

After Dinner Papaw, Daddy, Mommy and Bug played board games.

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