The Polar Express Surprise!

Mommy & Daddy gave Bug a wonderful Christmas surprise. To start off the night Bug got to open an early Christmas gift from Mommy & Daddy. It was a Polar Express book and the DVD. Mommy and Daddy told Bug they needed to go on a long drive to pick up something. In the car, Bug watched her new Polar Express dvd and then stopped to eat. After dinner, Bug got to open up another present and it was pajamas. She changed into her new pajamas to get more comfy. After a short drive, they arrived pulled into a train station. To Bug's surprise, there was the Polar Express waiting for her to take a trip to the North Pole! After boarding the train and getting settled, Bug explored the concession car and waited for the train to start off to the North Pole. The elves on the train sprayed everyone with magical elf dust and had the children write thier list to Santa as they waited. Finally, the last all aboard was called! They were off to the North Pole! One of the elves read the story of the Polar Express while the passangers got to view a wonderful light show through the city of Canton. Next, came the elves with hot chocolate and cookies along to the music Hot Chocolate! from the Movie soundtrack. Soon the train arrived at the North Pole! Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch, and lots of elves were dancing and waving at all the passangers. Santa got on board and visited all the children on the ride back. Each child recieved the first gift of Christmas, a bell from his sleigh. At first, Bug was so excited because she thought she was the only one chosen to recieve the first gift of Christmas. As she saw that all the other children had one also, she was a bit let down. She was still excited to get one and was even more excited to do the Pajama Parade with the elves! She rocked her PJ's down the aisle and then sang christmas carols with the other children. Soon the train arrived back at the station and it was time to go back home. It was a wonderful night and Bug loved her surprise

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