The Fair

The last week of September everyone in Coshocton gets excited about the Fair. The schools are even off for several days for the Fair. On Tuesday of Fair week, Jeremy took the day off work and we spent the day there. We started off at 11 am and we beat a lot of the crowds. While Hailey was the first and only child on the rides, we had the opportunity to stop the ride if she didn't like it. It was a good thing because we were so unsure of Hailey on the rides. Last year Hailey tried climbing out of the Dragon roller coaster while it was going. It terrified Jeremy and I so much that we are very selective on ride choices. The Carasol and the Pony ride are all of our favorites. I think Hailey rode the Carasol 4 times! After the rides we went and visited the animals. We watched some children ride thier horses in the arena and Hailey thought that was really cool. Our favorite animals were the chickens/roosters and turkeys. Hailey was so adorable going around clucking at the chickens and roosters. She really got a kick out of the roosters crowing too. Next we had to get fair food, which kicked in on Jeremy and I later that night. We got Italian Sausages (Jeremy and I's favorite), waffle cakes, frozen bananas and watermelon. And of course Jeremy can't go to the fair without playing skeeball. He tried passing it on to Hailey but I think she takes after her Mommy in that dept. Both Hailey and I kept throwing them in the other lane! We stopped into the educational building and found the Sacred Heart table and sure enough, Buggie had a painting there. So we just had to take a picture. On the way out of the fair, I had to grab some Mums that they were selling for dirt cheap.. Our fair day was great(minus the temper tantrum leaving the fair), weather was nice, food was tasty, and no terrifying experiences on the rides.

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Beth's Blog said...

Yum! The Italian Sausages are my favorite too! I thought I was ok, but after reading your post, I am sad we missed the fair! It must be really neat to see Hailey's work at the fair. I miss you guys....can't wait to go home again :)......miss your other blog too! :)
Talk to you soon