When we woke up Easter morning, the first thing that came out of Hailey's mouth was Easter Bunny. The Easter bunny left a trail of jelly beans leading to her basket and she was appalled at all the jelly beans on the floor and was determined to pick them all up. She was so busy she didnt even see her basket under her play table! Finally after she picked up the last jelly bean she spotted it and yelled, "look a basket!!!

Her favorite thing in the basket was the little mini tea set. Just when I think she's a tomboy she surprises me! She played tea party with her bunny and ate her marshmellow lollipop before breakfast. We thought she was playing ever so nicely while we were getting ready, but my darling little princess had covered herself in marshmellow! Her hair was all stuck onto her face and hands. I would have taken a picture but I had to put her in the bathtub to get all the marshmellow off! That, and I didn't think it was very funny at that point.

We had a couple stops to make on Easter. I felt badly but we didn't go to church, but I just feel so uncomfortable trying new churches alone especially on easter. I'm hoping to find a church that I like with VBS's starting this summer. Our first stop was to Granny Sally's house, she got two easter baskets which to my very happy surprise, were not filled with tons of candy! woo hoo! yay easter bunny! Food was great and it was nice to see some family. Next... off to my moms (Mamaw's house) It is always a zoo there on holidays with tons of kids! We ate more yummy food and then had an egg hunt. Hailey loves doing egg hunts now and is turning into a pro! Hailey loves playing with her second cousin Carolyn who is only 3 months older.
Its funny to see them playing together because Carolyn's mommy(my cousin) and I are the same age and we grew up playing together too. After all the festivities, we headed home on our 1 1/2 hr drive, exhausted like always. We always have a good time but it would be nice one of these days to have a relaxing holiday. Gotta love the family life though!

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